It’s October, which means it’s the month of Halloween – absolutely one of my favorite holiday ever (and it also happens to be the night of my birthday, hehe!).

What would Halloween be without black cats, skeletons, witches and bats? Hence the moodboard for this month is “Bewtiched” – for those of you who are not really into costumes but still wanna look festive in a fashionable way. I am deeply in love with the new Forever 21  “Bats& Cats” collection – I want EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE THING! I’ve had fun mixing themed items with long black dresses, widow veils and gothic makeup – enriching it all with jewel tones and gems all over to cast a spell of extra charm.

(En)join the dark side!



1. Etro oversized wool-felt coat; Fierce leopard sweater (find it on ebay here); Illamasqua Bat lash duo (lashes+ nail varnish) and lipstick in Pristine;  Draw in light black bones dress; Charlotte Olympia bats pumps; MAC x Rick Baker Spider Queen eyeshadow palette; Jeffrey Campbell Darling pumps in oil slick;  Zhang Jingna (zemotion) photography.

2. Alexander McQueen crêpe off-the-soulder gown and studded leather box clutch; ASOS cat ears veil headband; Forever 21 round wings sunglasses; Charlotte Olympia black cat slippers; Amanda Brighton Dolce Vita ring with amethyst and pink sapphires; Hermes vintage silk C’est la fête carré; Valentino pointed leather pumps; Kate Moss by Mert& Marcus  editorial for Vogue Paris.







Old but gold! You know that nothing excites me the most when Disney princesses meet fashion, and only Harrods could take this marriage to the next level – by choosing to ask 10 fabolous designers (among which Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Versace and Elie Saab) to create 10 unique, haute couture dresses worthy of a princess.

The results… oh my God, the result were incredible! Each dress was dreamy, whimsical and high-fashion!

The dresses were featured in Harrods’ Christmas windows last year, and sold at Christie‘s for charity.

I’ve always loved the Harrods windows, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with this year!  In the meantime, here’s pictures of the sketches, the windows and the ad campaign photos shot by Jason Ell.

How much do you love them?


” ‘You shall go to the ball’, in a stunning contemporary interpretation complete with golden layers, a tiara, a bold statement-necklace and of course, glass slippers – emblazoned with the iconic Versace medusa motif.”




I love this dress. I seriously do. Like, seriously!

SNOW WHITE by Oscar de la Renta

“‘Someday your prince will come…’ This silk gown is divine with intricate embroidery across the bodice and a floor-sweeping cape in signature red.”




This was my least favorite out of all the 10 dresses.  This is the picture i like the least as well – the model looks kinda scary and quirky in a bad way.  And, yeah, I hate Snow White. I love the cape, though.

ARIEL by Marchesa

“A chic and elegant deep blue silk evening gown has been beautifully crafted to combine luxurious draped fabrics, which perfectly embody modern feminine style – capturing Ariel’s adventurous under-the-sea spirit.”



tumblr_modp6pb8vU1s8d4wgo4_500 (1)

From Marchesa, I expect nothing but perfection – and they never disappoint me. I love how sleek and chic this dress is, and the editorial photo is just stunning!

AURORA by Elie Saab

 “Encapsulating the natural grace and innocence of Aurora, this beautiful gown in pale pink is embellished with scattered exquisite beading.”




If there was one designer that could make this dress, that must have been Elie Saab.

I think it really hold both the spirit of the brand and the dreamy allure of The Sleeping Beauty.

This was on of my favorite shots as well, together with the Ariel’s and Tiana’s ones.

JASMINE by Escada 

- “An exotic fuchsia silk chiffon gown encompasses the fiery beauty of Jasmine, complete with an extravagant golden flower belt.”




I’m beyond disappointed with this dress. It could’ve been be a perfect Jasmine’s one – but THE COLOR, seriously?

What’s so wrong with a tourquoise dress? It would have turned much more beautiful and much more appropriate – this seems more Indian that Arab to me.  Don’t come and tell me they were just trying to put their vision into it or it’s a personal twist, ’cause I won’t take it. Just NO!

POCAHONTAS by Roberto Cavalli 

“Featuring soft, golden and natural earthy colours, this gown incorporates prints evocative of dream catchers with pearl detailing. The lightness of a feather and the wings of a butterfly, it is perfect for a princess in love with freedom.”



Again, not my favorite dress, but I love the thought behind it and I think it does  good represent the wild side of fashion.

BELLE by Valentino 

“A fantasy-like dress in silk chiffon with a sheer hooded cape and layers of exquisite pleats, is accessorised with bespoke signature studded flats and a silver flower bag.”




I’m disturbed by the model in the picture. She looks more like Natalia Kills than Belle to me.

MULAN by Missoni 

“A land of silk and jade has inspired this oriental kimono-style dazzling creation, that features bold turquoise shades and red detailing.”




I think that Mulan is a tough one to do, and Missoni managed to stick true to the character adding their personal touch to it.

RAPUNZEL by Jenny Packham 

“A magical dress in pale grey adorned with incredible beading that should never be locked away.”




This dress is very Jenny Packham. I dig the color and the beading A LOT – but the model just reminds me of Britney Spears when she went crazy and shaved her head.  Would you hold it against me?

TIANA by Ralph & Russo

“A dream come true, this mint evening gown with a sweetheart neckline and mesh overlay, features scattered crystals that cascade into a layered tulle skirt.”




Possibly my favoritr dress, my favorite window and my favorite shot! Yes with capital Y for me!

Let me know what do you think of this collection, which dress you liked the most and what’s your favorite princess in the commentz below! I’m #TeamAriel by the way :)






Stay beautiful! ♥


One of my favorite shows from Paris Fashion Week today: Valentin Yudashkin!



Hello bees! (:

It’s the end of September, which means it’s time to wake up all the Green Day fans and to share with you guys my favorites and least favorites products for this month!

As some of you might have seen on my Facebook page, I got my leg broken and I’m stuck in bed with my plastercast, so I haven’t really used too many makeup products, but I have some skincare and hair stuff to go through!

I’ll start with a product that I’ve tried when it came out, but never really had a chance to properly talk about it! It’s the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, an oil-free foundation which is extremely light on the skin and very comfortable to wear! I think it’s a pretty good, light coverage foundation, which feels quite nourishing and velvety on the skin. It’s brightening and natural looking, it has SPF 25 and vitamins C and E in it, and it’s formulated without parabens – which is always a good thing.

The foundation is overall nice, but I have two major issues with it: first of all, the colour! My shade is “I’m plush& precious” Petal, and it’s way too dark and yellow for my skin tone. The range of colors is very small (9 shade available) and they’re all yellow toned. Now, I have natural to yellow undertones to my skin, but for this to be such a natural foundation the colors are just too “fake”.

The second problem is that it photographs really, really bad, so I think it would be good only for a daytime, ordinary day. Also, I would say it’s very liquidy and has a glowing finish to it which may not be good for people with oily skin, ‘cause it tends to get shiny.  The bottle contains 30 ml and it sells for 35 euros ( $36) – which I think it’s pretty pricey (but  one pump is enough to cover your entire face).

I don’t hate this foundation, but I’m not gonna repurchase it, ‘cause it has a very BB creamy effect and I can’t find a shade that could actually match my skintone. I’m sure there’s something out there better and cheaper for a lightweight, natural foundation, so for me this is not to buy!


 Something I actually really liked was the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I like the packaging of this – it’s a sleek tube with a nice lipgloss kind of applicator, so it’s very useful to travel with and to bring it everywhere with you! It has a nice consistency – almost a foundation fluidity to it, which I really like – but then it sets and it stays put on pretty well, never getting too cakey. In addition, it gives a really nice glow to the skin – so it’s really good to brighten the undereye area – while for acne, scars and major skin issues I would definitely suggest you to try a more high coverage concealer!

This summer, I’ve basically just used this, covering all the areas that I needed to “perfect” and then I would just dust a tiny bit of mineral foundation instead of powder to set it and even the skin tone – and it works brilliant! The skin is still glowing and actually looks like your skin, but better. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about the Fit Me foundation as well, so I’m definitely gonna give it a try and let you know my impressions about it!

The tube contains 6.8 ml of product and retails between 7 and 8 euros ($6.99) , which I think it’s a good deal considering how much I like the product. It also has SPF 18, so I really think this is one to buy!


Next onto the Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner. I’ve used the Bioderma makeup remover – which is pretty awesome – and then one day I saw queen of makeup Lisa Eldrige using this pore refiner in one of her videos – so I went out and buy it straight, since I was looking for a good primer for my skin. That’s what it is, basically a primer which Is supposed to minimize the pores and smooth the skin out to prep it for makeup. I mean – it DOES the job, but it dries the skin so bad! And it’s funny, ‘cause I have normal to oily skin! I thought it might have be me, but then I have tried to use it on my sister has well – who has normal to dry skin – and she experienced the same problem: the skin just flakes around the nose and the forehead, so the makeup won’t apply smoothly.

Honestly, I like this product: the pores really look minimized, it’s a good primer, it smells good and have a nice consistency – but I never use it because it’s too drying for me.

  I’ve paid it 14 euros for 30 ml, and although it’s not a bad price ‘cause a very little goes a long way, I would not buy this again!

Image 49551

Another huge disappointment was the Clarins One-step gentle exfoliating facial cleanser. I saw this featured in a DulceCandy87 favorites video, and I was intrigued by it since I was looking for a nice facial scrub which wouldn’t be too aggressive.

What can I say about this product? I didn’t hate, but I didn’t love it neither. I just couldn’t see or feel any benefit for my skin after using it, and it’s weird ‘cause I usually love Clarins products! I remember Dulce saying it smelled fabulous of orange, but it’s not really orangy to me.

I’ve ended up using it as a body scrub to have a gentle exfoliating on the skin, and I think it worked better than on my face. This product it’s not super expensive but it’s not cheap either, and I definitely think that there are some better alternatives out there that I will reach for next time. This is not to buy to me!


 Moving on to face cleansers, I have tried the Avène Cleanance Eau nettoyente no-rinse cleanser.

I have known the Avène thermal water for years and had the chance to use it, so I wanted to try something else from their range and I went for this makeup remover since I had finished my Bioderma Sensibio H20. I have to say, this is not not as effective as the Bioderma when it comes to waterproof makeup, but it’s still really good – and since I don’t wear tons of waterproof makeup this is absolutely fine for me! Also, I find this to be more moisturizing than the Bioderma, which sometimes would leave a drying sensation to my skin.

Although this is a no-rinse formula, I always like to wash it off with cold water after using it. It leaves the skin very fresh and smooth, and it has a nice smell which almost reminds me of white flowers. When it comes to price, this is in the same price rage of the Bioderma , but here you have 400 ml vs the 250 ml of the Sensibio, and I happened to enjoy the Avène water more.

I really liked this product and I’m definitely going to try more products from this brand! To buy!


A pretty bargain that I’ve discovered when in Rome were the Prokrin Elements Cristalli liquidi protettivi. Basically, it’s a liquid crystals serum for your hair, to use it after your shampoo to reduce the frizzy and to thermoprotect your hair when using hot tools.  I bought this in a supermarket ‘cause it was like 2 bucks, and I’m glad I did! It makes my hair look smooth, hydrated and shiny but not greasy – just make sure you don’t use more than one or two pumps or it will get very oily! I really like this product, and for how inexpensive it is I think it is worth giving it a shot! To buy!


Speaking of hair, I have two very different pastes to talk about.

The first one, is the Bed Head for Men Matte separation workable wax.

First of all, this is NOT workable AT ALL! It’s incredibly thick that it almost gets stuck in your hands, and very hard to put it in your hair. Also, I find it quite aggressive for the cutis, and I have experienced some irritation and dandruff after using it. The only thing I like about this it’s that it’s matte, ‘cause I don’t like wet finishes on my hair; but aside this, I hate this product. I think it would work only on short spiky styles, but for a longer hair it’s almost impossible to deal with. I wouldn’t repurchase it, and I think this is not to buy.


The other hair product I have tried was the Biopoint Sculpure paste. I cannot tell you how much I love the Biopoint products – I have used their shampoo and masks in the past and they were incredible!

This product it’s a very light, workable paste. It doesn’t hold the hair very strong, which might be nice for those of you who still want some natural loose. The thing I liked the most it’s that this smells FABULOUS of vanilla! It also has SPF and vitamins in it, which I think it’s awesome – I had never seen a paste with SPF in it! The downside is that it has a very shiny finish (you can somehow see some sparkle in the wax itself) and the hair feels a bit greasy yet moisturized. I’m not sure if I will repurchase it, ‘cause I would like to find something with more of a matte finish, but if you don’t mind some brilliance in your hair I think this is a very good product to buy!


The last hair product I wanna talk about is the Franck Provost line. I’ve tried their Expert Repair shampoo for dry hair (the orange one) and seriously – I hate it! It leaves the hair feeling frizzier and more strawy than before, it’ not hydrating, not smoothing, not anything. The only thing I love about it’s the citrusy grapefruit kind of smell, but after all I think it’s one of those products that it’s really not worth the hype. It’s a good value though, ‘cause it costs around 5 euros for a gianormous bottle of 750 ml, which unfortunately I think I’m never going to finish it. Not to buy!


Ok, last but absolutely not the least, I would really like to spend few words on Prep! For those of you who don’t know, Prep it’s a dermo protective cream which is meant to calm down irritations, sunburns, after-shave crimes, insect bites and stuff like that. Now, this thing has saved my life! I’ve had a terrible irritation in my forehead area, and I was really worried ‘cause it was so unusual to me and I didn’t know what to do! My mother had bought a pot of Prep this summer for a sunburn, and I’ve tried to apply it to solve my problem. Literally, the next day the irritation was gone! It’s a lovely, chilly mint-scented cream that kinda reminds me of a shave cream (I think it was born for that purpose), but it really helps the skin to get rid of any redness and irritation.

It comes in a nice, thick glass jar, and it can be used on children as well. I think it’s one of those products that it’s always useful to have at home, ‘cause it comes in handy for multiple purposes! I definitely suggest you to buy this!


Ok, so that’s all for my September favorites and least favorites! Let me know if you have tried one of these products and what you think about them, ‘cause I’m really willing to know your opinions!

Don’t forget to follow me on  my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now Tumblr pages, and in the meantime, stay beautiful! ♥


“Fashion is not art. Stores are not museums. You go to stores to buy clothes, you don’t go to stores to look at clothes!”

— Nina Garcia


“I am who I am today because of the choises I made yesterday.”

— Eleanor Roosvelt


Cheeky chic! From cotton candy shades to poudré hues, this season’s it’s all about pink! We’ve seen it at Carven‘s, Gile‘s, Moschino Cheap& chic - and basically down every catwalk – so I wanted to play with it in a very young and cool way. I know sometimes pink can be too much of a girly color, so I’ve tried to give it more personality and make it look less sweet and more sassy.

 I was really inspired by the lovely editorial starring Cara Delevingne shot by Walter Pfeiffer for Vogue, so I went for pieces with an attitude, but still fun and unpredictable.

It’s fresh, it’s now, it’s sugar free. It’s la vie en rose with a modern twist. Because on Wednesdays we wear pink!



Cara Delevingne by Walter Pfeiffer for Vogue Magazine; Susanne Spiel photography; cotton candy shades; Bobbi Brown lipglosses in Pink beige and Pink coral; Marni top; Charlotte Olympia Happily ever after clutch; Tom Ford nail lacquer in Pink; Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! perfume; 3.1 Phillip Lim acetate sunglasses; Simone Rocha coat; Diane Von Furstenberg lips minaudière; Nina Ricci cardigan; Coast Coralie bag; Kenneth Jay Lane mixed-crystals earrings.







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